What does it take?

One guy walking along the beach collecting trash... That's just dipping a toe in the water of what Subsea has planned. So how do we really dive in and begin our Clean Out the Sound project? Here's the breakdown of what it will take.

  • Five fully-certified and trained commercial dive crews--$260,000
  • 15-ton crane--$120,000
  • Commercial dive spread (air compressors, volume tanks, rack box, backup air, 300-foot dive umbilicals, and communication boxes)--$120,000
  • Spud barge to rent at first and later to buy--$160,000 
  • Push boats and transport boat to run divers--$48,000/year
  • Warehouse and necessities--$250,000
  • Insurance--$120,000
  • Office support and management--$170,000
  • Mechanic, tools, and rigging--$50,000
  • Vehicles--$100,000
  • Advertising--$100,000
  • Permits--$500

We're ready to make things happen. And these things will be invaluable to the health of our water environments for generations to come.