Let's restore and preserve our environment--all of it. Areas that border water and those below the water are severely neglected when it comes to cleanup and preventing household trash and hazardous waste in the first place. Water environments that feed us and provide unique playgrounds and the creatures that live there deserve the same respect as other ecosystems.

So how does SubSea do that? We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit that wants to do things differently. Our crew of commercial divers head up the main projects. They handle the big stuff. And our first project is pretty big: Clean Out the Sound

We come from the sea...

The heart of Subsea was conceptualized in 2014 with dreams of restoring our waters to the most natural states possible while offering commercial divers regular employment. Finally in 2017, the 501(c)3 Environmental Nonprofit Subsea Environmental Solutions was officially formed. As a commercial diver himself, founder Tim knows the solid and chemical waste that spoils our water environments. 

As we expand our efforts from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to include other bodies of polluted water, we look forward to creating more opportunities for water enthusiasts and on-land volunteers to participate in other capacities.